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Grief in the Van: An Adult Orphan, A Cat and A Tiny Home-On-Wheels...

When a middle-aged unmarried woman experiences the death of her parents, she embarks on a journey in a camper van – with her cat – through Australia’s changing landscape and the bewildering culture shock that is the grief experience. Learning to navigate the Van, the land and the grief, she discovers resilience and self-compassion. This travel memoir is a quietly joyful affirmation of life, offering hope for those experiencing adult parental loss.

"Author Victoria Clayton, a year after losing her parents, embarks on a painful drive-about to regain some semblance of herself in Grief in the Van: An Adult Orphan, A Cat and A Tiny Home-On-Wheels. In the spirit of Steinbeck, Clayton takes readers on a journey of self-reflection, discovery, and recovery – a love letter to the land, to adventure, and to the healing power of solitude. Throughout the narrative are raw accounts of personal grief in all its unpredictability and severity – authentically told and affecting. This deeply nostalgic and visceral memoir reveals a challenging path toward progress, and may provide comfort and guidance for anyone wrestling with this unifying human emotion." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★

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About Victoria Clayton

I was born in the UK of a Scottish mother and an Australian father and grew up in Melbourne.

I have been a field archaeologist, excavating in Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Australia and an English teacher in Melbourne and China, among a ridiculous number of other occupations.

I’m interested in a lot of things.

Travel, the past, books, libraries, language, things found in the ground and in museums, particularly ancient figurines. Ideas. Things to think about.

I never thought I would, but I also know a bit about dementia, loss and grief and being an adult orphan. Learning what a well-lived life looks like.

Now I live in a Van, my tiny home-on-wheels, somewhere in Australia with Dougal, the dog-like cat, and I write about all of it.  

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