You think you'll never lose them...

But you know one day you will. Your parents. Well, they were old, they had good long lives and painless deaths. 

I didn't care. I just wanted them back. Grief.

But I knew they weren't coming back so I went away too, in a Van, with my cat, where I could hold my grief and declare it to the sky and the trees and the animals...

Grief in the Van, A Memoir. 

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June 24, 2020


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About Victoria Clayton.

I was born in the UK of a Scottish mother and an Australian father and grew up in Melbourne. I have been a field archaeologist, excavating in Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Australia and an English teacher in Melbourne and China, among a ridiculous number of other occupations.  

I love travel, reading (especially murder mystery a la Agatha Christie, but all sorts really), museums, libraries and things found in holes in the ground, particularly ancient figurines.


I never thought I would, but I also know a bit about dementia, loss and grief and being an adult orphan. Now I live in a van somewhere in Australia with Dougal, the cat, and I write about all of it.  

The thing is...

              I write about lots of stuff...

because I'm interested in lots of stuff including travel, archaeology, ancient figurines, museums, food, dementia and aging, living in a Van and life in general. So if you're someone who's also interested in lots of things, join my email newsletter which comes out about once a fortnight and includes my latest blog posts, an update on my latest book, books I like, what Dougal's been up to and other bits and bobs. 


What (else) I'm working on now: 

Grief (mostly)

They say when you hit fifty, you go to on average one funeral per year. Three years ago I went to four.

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The story of my father's dementia and my mother's decline and how we all found ourselves with roles we never asked for. 

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Ancient Figurines

I'm also currently working on the second edition of my book on the Iron Age figurines from North Syria. 

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Travel and Excavation in Syria

Not a day goes by (well perhaps a slight exaggeration) that the months of excavation in Syria don't come to mind one way or another. 

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