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Welcome to Melbourne Archaeology Tours.

Discover the historical archaeology of Melbourne; how places and buildings, objects and people – indigenous and European - have formed the archaeological record of Melbourne since settlement began.

You won’t find coffee, chocolate or street art tours here. It’s history…but not as you know it! (Oh, there'll probably be coffee too!)

If looking at buildings and objects from an archaeological perspective is your thing, Melbourne Archaeology Tours is the place for you.

Are you interested in archaeology, the relationship between objects and the people who made and used them?

Do you enjoy learning about the history of a place when travelling?

If archaeologists excavated ‘ancient’ Melbourne 2000 years in the future, what could they say about the material record of this great city?

Melbourne Archaeology Tours offers small-group walking tours around the city of Melbourne. We look at the built environment from an archaeological perspective.

Historic Places Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne

Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

Learn about where archaeological digs took place in Melbourne and what was found. If there are excavations happening at the time of booking, that site will also be included, but as you can imagine, it's hard to know what archaeological work will be happening in the CBD at any given time. 

Where possible I will always include a visit to any current archaeological work. 

Isn’t this just the same as a history tour? There’s so many history tours on offer…

History records the past through written records and while they offer a wealth of information about the people who created them, the objects and buildings they left behind provide another, often different perspective.

Archaeology is how we look at culture through the objects which people made and used.

And everyone uses objects…but not everyone writes history!

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