Victoria Clayton

Narrative nonfiction, memoir, essay, poetry


I was born in the UK of a Scottish mother and an Australian father and grew up in Melbourne.

For a while I lived in a Van, a tiny home-on-wheels, somewhere in Australia with Dougal, the dog-like cat.

Now I’m waiting to put down roots near where I grew up, still with Dougal-the-explorer cat by my side.

I have been a field archaeologist (excavating in Syria, Turkey, Jordan and Australia) and earned my PhD researching 2500 year old baked clay figurines from North Syria.

I’ve had a ridiculous number of other occupations.

I’ve worked with communities from the Horn of Africa on immigration matters, taught English in China, and tour guided around historic places in Melbourne.

And now I write about all of it!

what i write about

Grief in the Van: An Adult Orphan, A Cat and A Tiny Home on Wheels

travel memoir

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